Monday, March 29, 2004

Who needs tomato paste? Get your free tomato paste TODAY!

Mrs. Crabtree has left the building. Yesterday was a very nice day. Brunch and strolling with friends (who strolls? I stroll!), sunshine, no sore throat and major allergie ickiness.

How did I top off the day? Did I come home and diligently crank out my neglected work? Oh, no. Instead, I made a huge pot of homemade chili and spent two hours cleaning out my pantry. FUN TIMES.

Cleaning out my pantry was a huge, HUGE task. Because my pantry is really deep, there were all sorts of interesting things hiding back there. I swear it looked like I was stocked for a natural disaster. I had food dated 1995, people. That's not good. And also? I had about 3200 cans of tomato paste. Which cracks me up because everytime I'm about to make my homemade spaghetti sauce, I'd always go out and buy more. It seriously looked like I had some sort of bizarre tomato paste addiction.

I also got a shard of glass stuck in one of my toes from a bottle of salad dressing I dropped earlier this week. Sooo much blood. So gross. But after tweezing it out (and saying many a swear word), I went right back to organizing my pantry. Because I'm serious about knowing where my Tostitos are at all times.

The homemade chili wasn't such a brilliant idea. While it tasted GOOD, it did a number on my stomach and I ended up having weird dreams about space ships crashing onto I-5, and woke up at 4 a.m. with a wicked stomach ache.

Alas, today all is well and I will tackle this busy week. Happy Monday, yo.