Thursday, June 14, 2007

Angry heat.

Ah, summer. You are the least of my favorite seasons...for the sole purpose that you make me look a little less...with it.

Last night I attended a shin-dig that was in my honor, and it was seriously hotter than balls. Not only was it unforgivingly hot outside, but the venue of this thing was packed with sweaty bodies and it never cooled down, and I thought I was going to....die.

I'm not one of those ladies who looks awesome when it's hot outside. I tend to get a little more than a little sweaty, and while it looks like a nice "glow" on some ladies, for me it looks like someone needs to hose me down...and stat.

I'm sure I looked like all first-class as I stood on stage to do my ten-minute spiel, while holding my hair up on top of my head and silently praying for death. Someone took pity on me and ran up and handed me a pony-tail holder. Which, I then proceeded to pony-tail up my hair in front of 75 people. To be fair though, every single person in the audience was fanning themselves in a "my stars, it's WARM this evening" sorta way.

It's going to be a long summer.