Thursday, April 01, 2004

I've only got two things this morning:

1. A superhero fixed my wireless internet connection.
I've only been wireless for a few months, but the entire time I thought it was just a crock of shit because I was being cut off CONSTANTLY. I go get a glass of water and come back to my lap top? DISCONNECTED. I sneeze? DISCONNECTED. We figured it was interference with the cordless phone channels, as it almost always dropped when receiving or making calls. Then we realized it was even when my NEIGHBORS were receiving or making calls. It was enough to drive me apeshit. THEN superhero realized we could set the channel for the wireless connection waaay down the dial. And voila! I am never disconnected again. Until the cable company reads this and tells everyone to link to our damn channel. NICE.

2. America is STUPID.
I don't normally get riled up by reality television, but I've been hooked on American Idol since I watched the trainwreck known as the auditions. Last night, however, I was yelling at my television. Who the hell puts LATOYA LONDON, JENNIFER HUDSON, and AMY ADAMS into the lower three...but KEEPS John "I'll croon and cry if you look at me wrong" Stevens, John Peter "I have no talent but I can be cutesy" Lewis, and CAMILLE "I look like I am in pain and wondering what I'm doing on stage" Don't Know Her Last Name and Don't Care. What. WHAT?

Obviously I need more coffee.