Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's just MAGIC.

Ah, the holidays. That magical time of year.

So magical when a baby throws up at you on your back and shoulder at Target. "I CAN'T SEE THE BABY VOMIT!"

All a glow when you play this delightful sport with your teenage nephews and get CREAMED and can barely walk for two days.

So festive when you throw away a $50 pin that's a gift for someone in the trash THE DAY THE CITY COMES TO PICK UP YOUR TRASH.

Cheery as all get-out when you catch the tail-end of a holiday party because you sat at home waiting for your friend to call you to tell you when she was leaving to meet you there, but you didn't hear her call for the TWO SECONDS you were in the bathroom and therefore you miss all the good holiday cheese.

Dreamy when a caterer doesn't show up to an event you've planned even though you just talked to them TWO FREAKING HOURS AGO.

Merry as you take your friends to a Japanese restaurant that you've RAVED and RAVED about non-stop for weeks, only to have the waiter completey screw up everyone's orders and the tempura is SOGGY, DAMMIT!

And there's still 10 days left!