Monday, January 03, 2005

Boys are funny.

I have a guy over here doing some work for me today. The alarming thing is that he's way funnier than I thought he was. Actually? I thought he had NO sense of humor at all.

This morning when he showed up I gave him belated holiday goodness (A TIE, people. Man.). He literally GUSHED when he opened it. "It's the best tie ever! This one's going to be my NEW FAVORITE! I swear I'd wear this one EVERY DAY if I could! And to sleep! Yes, to sleep!" And the Academy Award goes to...

Then I brought him a cup of coffee. "Oh MAN, this coffee is SO GOOD! What kind of coffee is this? Quick, get the bag, I must read it!"

Later I accidentally complimented his haircut. "Really? It's not too short? And you're the first person to notice! I love you!"

Then I handed him the phone when a client started to praise him on some work he did for me - "here, tell him yourself..."

When he hung up, he sat back in his chair and exclaimed, "God, with all this attention I'm getting today, I hope I remember to stand when I pee later!"

Okay, that was funny.

My neck hurts. No, not my neck, the base of my neck. Right at my shoulders. I woke up in some weird ass position this morning, and I knew knew KNEW my neck was going to kill if I didn't move, but I DIDN'T anyway because that would have taken effort.

And it's not even noon and I haven't kept my #1 new year's resolution which was to get to work immediately upon entering the office instead of dilly-dallying for a while first. I printed out a piece of paper and was wiped out. This is why I'm not allowed to take any time off. Three days of sheer nothingness and I just don't want to get back into the swing of things. I'm just a nothingness girl at heart I guess.