Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ulcers can be FUN.

I'm really going to sound doom and gloom here, since my theme of my last post was Stress City, USA as well.

I am seriously way overwhelmed here.

I just now put my head down on my desk. Like that was all I could do.

And then? I remembered that game we used to play in elementary school when it was too rainy to play outside at recess - "Heads Up 7-Up". Does anyone remember this game? You put your head down on your desk (buried in your arms, face down) and you stuck your thumb up. Seven classmates stood at the front of the classroom and then went around and chose someone, pinched their thumb, and then returned to the front. You had to guess who pinched your thumb. I remember it was always a big deal if some cute boy from your class did it. Like it was a SIGN or something. Anyway, thinking about that game kinda got me out of my funk. Briefly.

Conversation with Toni last night:

Toni: Hey, I got your Christmas card.
Me: Cool.
Toni: It was cute. Did you pick those out from your niece's school fundraiser you were telling me about last month?
Me: No, I didn't like their cards. I just gave a flat donation.
Toni: Why not the cards?
Me: They were too...Christian.
Toni: (laugh)
Me: (realizing how that sounds, and adding more) You know, all Jesus-fied. The Lord this, the Lord that!
Toni: Are you sad that you're going to hell?
Me: Not really.

And now I must go to a lunch featuring seven people I've never met. Fun!