Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm eating some candy by this fine organization, which I'm now realizing is the only thing I've eaten today. And I started thinking...first cookies, and now candy. Those little girls want to fatten us up all year long!

But it's good. Chocolate covered peanuts. Mmm. I was sitting here reading the back of the tin and it has one of those allergy warnings: "Processed on shared equipment with peanut and tree nut containing products. May contain an occasional pit or shell fragment." OR PEANUTS, since they are chocolate covered peanuts, yes? Way to cover your asses there, girls.

I was a member once. When I was...10? Fifth grade? The only thing I remember is that I was forced to wear my uniform to school on the days our club met. It was a RULE! No wearing your school clothes and then changing afterward, oh no. You had to be a billboard for the organization. The reason it bothered me was because I was a new member and had something like ZERO badges at the beginning of the school year and the other girls would look at me like, "Oh. She's slow." I should have said I was currently working on getting my badge on Bashing In Other Fifth Grader Snotty Girl Heads. Sure, think of that now, Self! Where were you when I needed you 17 years ago. Oh, yeah. Crying. That's right.

Anyway, it never took. I hated it. I do believe it is the place where I learned how to braid, though. Thank you, scouts!