Sunday, November 12, 2006

Is that a NO then?

How does one concentrate when their entire face hurts like a motherfucker? They don't. And the hours and hours of work that need to be done continue sitting on the desk(s). I'm serious. The face??? Stupid sinuses. All day I've been doing steam treatments, hot towels, etc and I only feel 2% less like chopping my head off.

Something that's been cracking me up all day, but won't seem funny because you sorta had to be there:

At the dinner party last, there was this guy I've never met who from what I could only tell was talking about blessings and church and people needing people.

One guy, who was holding a drink in his hand yells out to this guy across the room, "Are you STILL talking about church??!!!"

The guy perks up all super smiley and happy: "Yes, I sure am!" and then completely sincerely asks him, "Would you like to join us at service tomorrow morning?"

And the other guy yells, "FUUUUUUCK YOU!"

To which the religious guy does NOT skip a single beat and happily says, "Oh that's okay...okay...just thought I'd ask. Maybe another time..."

I actually felt bad for him, but it sure was funny.