Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend stuff.

Aside from my lazy ass start, my weekend was full and fun, and whoo. I am now buckled into my office chair to get the five hours of work I had set aside for the weekend done.

First things first, how did I ever live without a crock pot before? Today I spent maybe ten minutes getting personal with a pot roast, stuck it in the pot, and when I came home hours later from a baby shower (#334 for the year) my house smelled AMAZING and dinner was deelish. I will be crockin' it all winter.

Last night I had a very surreal experience. I played poker and smoked cigars with my baby-now-an-adult nephew. While hanging with his friends, it took every ounce of restraint I own not to exclaim how CUTE he is. Oh, you had two pair? That's adorable, honey! Here, let Auntie trim the end of your cigar. Who's a good boy?

Seriously, it was so weird. But actually, very fun. We don't spend too much time together, so I was constantly amazed with his (cute) quick wit.

Taking him home, we got on the freeway and I was grumbling about how much I hate the rental car I'm driving. I hit the cruise control just as he was reaching for the stereo, when the face of it illuminated "CRUISE ENGAGED". My nephew said, "Wow, this car's slow. Tom Cruise has been engaged for a long time now."