Monday, August 28, 2006

Dessert first.

At a wedding reception Saturday night, I was staring at the individual truffles we were provided as favors (with our initials on them - CUTE), and I I looked around the room to see if anyone else had eaten theirs...couldn't tell, but didn't see anyone actually eating one.

I waited patiently until the last person at my table finished their meal and then I pointed to my truffle and said something like "Time for dessert!"

The woman next to me put her hand to her mouth and whispered loudly, "Oh NO, it's too beautiful...are we supposed to eat them, REALLY?"

"Uh, YEAH." I laughed. "If they didn't want you to eat it, they would have shellacked it or something."

Others mumbled similar things as Miss OH NO MY STARS, and yet...I REALLY wanted it. Chocolate, please and thank you.

Finally, the champagne was poured as we prepared for the toast. "You know what goes GREAT with champagne, right?" I said to the table, as a waiter filled my glass. "Truffles!"

There were some half-hearted chuckles, and then I thought, fuck it. It's MY damn truffle with MY damn initals on it, down the gullet it goes.

I went ahead and sunk my teeth into it, wondering in my head what would be the center...when not a second longer would I have to cherry juice squirted all over my place setting, and the table centerpiece.

OH NO MY STARS, indeed.