Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Of puppies and Maverick

Last weekend I gave my six year old niece a tiny stuffed puppy, that when you squeeze it, makes a cute little barking noise (I love you, Target Dollar Spot!) She loves loves loves it. Like A LOT. No need for me to have spent around a hundred bones on her ACTUAL birthday gifts and almost TWO hundred bones on her birthday party, oh's all about the stuffed puppy (who, by the way, together we named Dude). How funny is it to watch her shove her stuffed puppy into someone's face and demand, "Say hello to DUDE." Very funny. "Can Dude take a bath with me?" - a little creepy. But still funny! Anyway, lesson learned - I will buy ALL of her birthday presents from the Dollar Spot until she's 18.

I bring up this puppy, because I spent A LOT of time with it over the last week or so, sooo much so that I even dreamed about it:

I was in a coffee shop, and was trying to remember the coffee orders for six people, and while I was going over them in my head, I was also going around to each person in the shop and asking them to look at the puppy. And did they know it barked? It barks. Hold it. Now squeeze it. Cute, huh? And then off to the next person. And oddly enough, no one was annoyed. They all loved Dude. He was very popular.

SO popular, that in the NEXT part of my dream (no transition, nothing just BOOM, I'm somewhere else), I'm standing in the Costco parking lot and Mr. TOM CRUISE* asked if he could KEEP Dude. He was holding him, and had already fashioned him as a KEY CHAIN, and he was trying to hook it to his BELT.

I stared at him for a minute and then asked, "Why?"

He looked all solemn. "I just. I just, love it. SO MUCH."

"It's my niece's?"

"Can you get her another one?"

"Can't YOU go buy one if you want it so badly?"

And that pissed Mr. Tom Cruise right off and and he goes, "I'm trying to make a movie here!"

With that, he hopped onto a motorcycle, Dude dangling from his belt, and shouted out to some Director type that suddenly appeared (in the Costco parking lot) "Get a close up of the puppy on my belt!"

All of a sudden a MAKE UP team came over and fussed and fussed over Dude (hanging off Mr. Tom Cruise's belt) and his little plushness. Powder! Blush!

But my favorite part? They added a little glittery TEAR DROP under Dude's eye.

And Mr. Tom Cruise, sitting on his motorcycle, leaned back a little, folded his arms across his chest, and with a wide, satisfied smile said, "This is going to be SO GOOD."

Horrified, I woke up. And my first thought was that I needed to call my niece: "Keep Dude away from Mr. Tom Cruise!"

*The entire dream, everytime I looked at him I thought, "Mr. Tom Cruise". I'm a lady, apparently.

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