Friday, March 17, 2006

Ice diving.

Yesterday I was holding a glass under the "ice" dispenser on the door of my fridge, and I could hear the ice maker make this weird grind/halt noise. I squatted down, peered up at the opening of the dispenser while of course still pressing the glass against the lever. I was peering up to see if ice was stuck, or what, I don't know.

Finally an ice cube broke through - shot out, rather - and landed in my cleavage.

Want to see something scary? Worse than that awful movie I wrote about? Something that will give you nightmares and worry? Here you go.

I'm sorry.

Want to know something scarier? I own a shirt very similar to that one.

Some friends and their six year old son are going to be visiting this weekend. I called to get a feel for what they'd need, and I spoke to the little boy.

Me: What can I get for you while you're here?

(long pause, occasional breath to let me know he's there)

Me: What do you like to drink?


Well, that'll be easy.