Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I am writing these here words in order to kill some time, as I was JUST NOW getting on the horn to make several work related phone calls when HELLO my gardeners decided right this second would be a good time to roll up (an hour early!) and turn on every single landscaping device known to man, thus making me sound like I'm calling from inside a huge field. Also, my dog is having a complete tissy that they are here, even though they've been showing up every week for my dog's entire TEN AND A HALF YEAR LIFE, so get over yourself, DOG.

I should not be surprised, as this is how my entire day has been going.

First thing to go? COFFEE POT shattered to a billion pieces as I gently set it in the sink this morning. Such is the treat of fishing for glass in the garbage disposal.

I raced around for an early morning appointment here, only to finally be set up when she called to say she's coming THIS AFTERNOON instead.

I met with someone else today who informed me she was just starting to get a cold, and then decided to prove it by SNEEZING on my ARM.

I managed to re-arrange my entire office over the weekend, because the work flow/ability to reach things and spread out was off, and yet I'm camped out in my dining room to work instead. Fickle, much?

I'm awaiting a ray of sunshine. Anything.

I did have a funny moment last night. A couple of us tried a new steakhouse to the area, and I was unnaturally attracted to the buckets of peanuts they put on the tables, and the concept of shelling and eating the peanuts at your table and then dropping the shells onto the floor. Ohhh, rustic!

However, I was shy on making a mess, and instead was building a little shell pile next to my place setting. I was told to be bold! Push them to the floor! Everyone's doing it! Them! Look! Those old people just did it! That prissy looking lady just did it! DO IT!

I finally mustered the courage to do it, and with one grand swoop I slid my hand over my entire side of the table, the peanut shells flying off the table...up into the air...and landing on the dinner plate of another guest who's waiter was bringing them their food! And possibly hitting the waiter in the eye. So freeing!