Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This one's for T-Dawggie

It's Miss T's anniversary of the day she was born.

For the past 8 years we've had an awesome friendship that has given me some of the best memories of my life. And also some of the craziest.

If I could give her anything, I'd give her the following (and this is going to be entertaining only to her):

KJ wine, a strict no-making-out-with-random-pizza-delivery-BOYS policy (at least not when I'm around, thank you), an alarm clock that shouts ("get out of bed, UGLY!"), the game I NEVER which lead to many discoveries we NEVER wanted to know, night's at your Pop Pop's cabin that always seem to go on forever, the dice cup with the fart in it, one more for the road, the memory of THE night in Hawaii in 2001 (you know what I'm talking about), Prince's booty, a giant spoon to be used to fling Rocky Road ice cream off the balcony onto that prick's head, a little tenderness, the glass I ripped off from El Torito for you but then never actually gave you, that dude Crank's phone number, jello shots that do not taste like toothpaste, the ability to locate the lantern BEFORE we lose power for two days at PP's cabin - not the day we leave ("Oh, it was right here. Huh."), opera voice messages on your answering machine, hold the tomatoes, a killer rack, 1.5 minute abs, non-hippy music, drives out into the "country" with our "moonshine", batteries ("why does it take SIX batteries to get me going?!"), those weird crepes you like so much, and...a lot more good times.

I'm probably going to think of a ton more things later, but I wanted to get this up before you got to work. I'll have a drink for you, since you cannot. I'm that good of a friend. I'll wait until at least 10 a.m. though. I'm responsible and shit.