Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Name that tune.

I have a very weird habit when I'm stressed.

I sing, or rather belt out my actions. Huge stress reliever. Only thing is, I tend to lean towards Cher style. I don't know why that is - I'm not particularly a Cher fan, but I can actually do a good impression and it's sort of more satisfying to belt out.

When I say I sing my actions, I mean, when alone in the house with my mind racing and calculating all of the things I need to get done, I do actually sing them outloud as my brain is processing them. Part of today's singy-song was:


"Fucking BROWNIES are DOOOOONNNNNNE NOOOOWWWWW! Hope everybody LIIIIIIIkes them!!!!"

"Where are my DAMN KEEEEEEEYYYYS????"

It's an odd little habit, yet it keeps me entertained and again, I release a lot of built up stress.

An hour or so ago I was heading out to have a smoke (I KNOW) when standing on the inside of my front door I sang, "Neeeeed to put my SHHHOOOOOEEESSSS ONNNNN!" to which I echoed myself in Opera Style: "Neeeed to put my SHHHHOOOOOOEEESSSS ONNNNN" at a piercing level.

Two seconds later?

On the other side of the door I heard a man's voice horribly sing, "Neeeed to answer the door for the BUUUUUUG GUUUUUUUYYYYYYY!"

You know what?

For half a second I considered echoing him in Opera Style.

Or pee my pants in embarrassment.

I answered the door instead and we had a good laugh and I sent him home with a brownie.