Sunday, July 17, 2005

Say hello to my little friend.

Last night I visited a friend who was babysitting two small children.

The three year old was very shy towards me at our introduction. Yet, as the evening progressed we went on to:

color - her often exclaiming with joy over anything I had colored, and of course I returned the favor

play catch - for like 800 hours

play with her doll, and the ohhhs and ahhhhs that came out of her when I braided her doll's hair were hilarious

eat a little dinner, make faces at the veggies and laugh until we decided - what the hell, no veggies tonight!

read "Good Night Moon" over and over and make a collaborative decision that it is by far the best book in THE WORLD.

Her mother returned to pick up her kids, and when the little girl saw her in the doorway, she bolted out of the cozy reading/fort we had created in the U part of the sectional couch and screamed MOMMA! so loud I think my teeth rattled. With her arms gripped tightly around her mother's neck, she squeezed, and then looked back at me.

Her mother saw that she was looking over at me and asked her daughter, "Did you have a good time with her?"

"NO! Hate her!"