Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summah Lovin'.

I seem to post on Tuesdays. I wonder why that is? I think my normal pattern goes something like this:

FRIDAY (after reviewing all of the shit I didn't get done during the week): I am going to KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS next week! Let me get on the horn here and book up my week all solid and impossible!

MONDAY (looking at my calendar): What the hell was I thinking! Must do everything under the sun! Today!

TUESDAY (tired): Fuck that noise. This week is down the tubes. Distractions, party of one, your table's ready!

Mystery hiney pain has subsided. But it was still bothering up through Sunday night! That's one broken-down ass, if you ask me. I'm still wondering what caused it.

I really don't have anything to say. I never do, do I? I just don't have the energy to write out my happenings, and even when I think I might, I just YAWN because unless you're in on the ride with me, it's quite uninteresting.

However, I'm on this new kick and I'm calling it SUMMER.

Remember when you were a kid and summer vacation seemed like AN ETERNITY? A month seemed like a year? Well, now as an adult I can say that the word SUMMER is a big 'ole fat mystery to me. It's no longer a 'season' or a THING, it's just like the rest of the year: a big blur of weeks that just rapidly get away from me but now it's also 108 outside.

So, in an effort to recapture my youth, I'm actually planning to do SUMMER like things. Sip lemonade. Drive with the sunroof open. Visit the sun. Have some fun that doesn't involve work. Read a Nancy Drew mystery. Run through the sprinklers. Make a Snoopy snowcone. The options are ENDLESS.