Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bubble, officially burst. Bursted?

I'm back. And with a cold! So you get me AND snot, no extra charge.

Queen Bee T is now officially married. The nuptuals were amazing, and breathtaking, and full of tears of joy. And some serious partying.

Of course the last two weeks went by in a huge blur of mai tais, pina coladas, other tropical drinks served in whole pineapples, sun, sand (everywhere!), palm trees, being pampered by a woman who used to be a guy, you know - the usual vacation fare. It was all very lovely. I'm a bit sad to be home already, but in another sense I was ready to return to the real world.

Plus, I had FINALLY gotten down saying "aloha" rather than hello. And that my friends was my biggest challenge on vacation.


Hawaiian: Aloha!
Me: Hello!
Hawaiian gives disapproving frown.

Hawaiian: Aloha!
Me: Mahalo!
Hawaiian sighs: That's 'thank you'.

Hawaiian: Aloha!
Me: Helloha!
Hawaiian looks confused.

DAY TEN (last day):
Hawaiian: Aloha!
Me: ALOHA! That's RIGHT! Alooooohhhhhh-HAAAAAAA! You can mahalo me later!
Hawaiian: Get the hell out of here.