Thursday, April 07, 2005

Quiet in these here parts.

How Jan got her groove back: 2 new huge contracts!

One is a partnership I've been trying to set up for almost a year now. A YEAR. And on Wednesday it finally got inked. This is going to be yooge for my business.

The other is a one year contract that will keep me so so very busy. Of course it had to come at the same time as the partnership which is going to send so much work my way I won't be able to see straight, but you just can't say no to this kind of thing. Not if you want to grow. Which, yes please!

This means no goofing off for me. I will be swimming in work and fun and to-do lists the size of Paris Hilton's ego.

It's funny how things can change in an instant. Even though I knew these things were a possiblity for a while now, I didn't know I'd be so very excited when they came to happen. We're talking uppers-like* excited. Like, my brain is going a mile a minute, and so is the rest of me. It feels real good. REAL good.

*I don't know what uppers are like. I think you're just 'up'? And excited? I don't know...because I just say no to drugs. I believe in hugs, not drugs.