Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cut THIS, woman!

I think Omarosa cut me off at the Taco Bell drive-thru today. Little Miss Thang was behind me pulling into the parking lot and then DARTED through to pull into the line faster.

You know what I like to do when people THINK they pissed me off? Smile my ass off like I don't have a damn care in the world. So, when Miss Thang looked in her side rearview mirror to see my reaction? I smiled as if I had just finished singing "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know". Oh yes, it pisses THEM off. I will not give Omarosa that satisfaction! Take THAT in your beatup Paseo! HOOOOO!

I should have been pissed, for I was FINALLY getting some lunch at 3:00 p.m. But, I just wouldn't let her have it.

I also saw a couple making out in a convertable in the parking lot. At first I was all, "what the hell...?" but then I thought, shit, a spicy bean burrito double wrapped with no onions makes me a little frisky, too. So to them I say, God Speed! And watch out for Omarosa!

If you're not watching The Office, shame on you. Truly brilliant. I only had to wait nearly 7 years, since Seinfeld went off the air, for greatness.