Saturday, February 19, 2005

Best friend tells all

Hi, hi! This is The New Jan Brady's one true love and best friend Toni, who finally got her to allow me to do a guest entry.

She's in the kitchen cleaning up dinner dishes and listening to the Garden State soundtrack - for the one hundred billionth time! Okay, we get it, YOU REALLY LIKE IT.

I've had three glasses of wine (your cup runneth over here.). I just wanted to come here and say that I'm SADDENED that New Jan is no longer doing her Jan Blog. And I TALK TO HER ON A REGULAR BASIS. But how fun is it to come here and laugh at her little observations and her Brady pics? A lot, me says.

New Jan is good people, but I'm quite sure you know this. The woman has so much going on in her life (a lot of it very difficult, which she will never tell you), and yet she always manages to tell you the funny things, even if they are little, and I really love that about her.

Do you know what she does really late at night? She watches old sitcoms. She's going to kill me for telling you this. But she watches Three's Company, Happy Days, that sort of thing. I've called her many a late night, and this is what she's doing. Do you know why she does? Because it reminds her of her childhood, just her and her sister sitting in front of the TV, laughing. If that doesn't make you love her, I don't know what else would.

She's a total sweetheart. She is always the last one to sit down when hosting a party. She will e-mail you links of things she thinks you'll like or laugh at. She loves and she loves, and when she really loves you can see it all over her sweet face.

If she were to read that right now, she'd yell "GAY!". Because that's how she is. Let's ask her to keep writing. She doesn't need to write a blow by blow of her day, but don't we love when she just writes something silly? Yes we do.

She's going to kill me, or erase this and that's okay. I love her.