Thursday, January 27, 2005

Voicemail can bite me.

I think I just said, "What the fuck?!" on someone VERY IMPORTANT's voicemail. See, his cell phone went right to voicemail, and I started to speak, and it cut me off.

"Hi this is Me, we're on for --"

(phone) "To send this message press blabityboo."

"I'm NOT DONE." Hang up, dial again.

Maybe if I'm pausing, it thinks I'm done.

"Hi-this-is-Me-we're-on-for-4:00-set-up-at-the-hotel (breath)--"

(phone) "To send this message press babityboo. Or hit this number to re-record..."

(frustration, hits number but at the same time I blurt out "What the FUCK?")

(phone) "To send this message press blabityboo."


I think I hit the right button to erase it, but I'm not sure. Because the last thing I heard was, "Thank you, good bye."

Good bye indeed.

So I did what any professional would do. I threw my cellphone across the room and screamed into a couch cushion.

It's been quite the week. I will have lots to share tomorrow. If I decide to get out of bed.