Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year, here's some lemons.

I just received word a few minutes ago that a friend of mine is seriously ill. I am sad, I am PISSED and I'm sorta a mess.

This is a friend who I met through the last company I worked for before I started my own business. She's one of the most sincere and sweetest people I know.

Right around the holidays, I received an invitation to a gathering for that particular company, and I declined it as I felt awkward having left the company on a sort of sour note. A sour note that wrecked the friendship that we had had. I should have gone anyway, and that's upsetting me, too.

Before she extended the invitation, she had been slowly extending an olive branch, and yet I still was keeping my distance, even though the fault of our friendship demise was mine. Not hers. At all. This is why she is a great person, and I am shit.

Everything that happened four years ago seems SO STUPID now. I can now only try to be there for her, and I'm hoping that it's not too little too late.