Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"I love scotch."

Last night I watched this movie. I was dead set on loving Will, and my pretend celebrity boyfriend* Vince (who has a very tiny role in it), but the real surprise was Steve Carrell's performance. SO funny. Tears-in-my-eyes-while-laughing funny. The man is a genius, he steals the entire movie, and was hands down the funniest character. I'd watch it again just for Steve.

You won't believe what I'm listening to right now. For I am "connecting with nature". That's right. I'm listening to a CD that I pulled from Target's Dollar Spot (good GOD do I love that section), and it's simply called "Nature". Twenty-six minutes of birds tweeting, an occasional flute, and tiny tender piano strokes. Songs include: "nature's sunrise symphony", "morning bird melody", "meadow walk", "strolling the mystic shore", "thunder" and the one I can't wait to get to: "sounds in the jungle". You'll be glad to know I also purchased two other CDs - "Relaxation" and "Healing". They were A DOLLAR.

I give myself ten more minutes before I pop in the Beastie Boys.

*Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend is a term smartly coined by one Beth.