Friday, March 11, 2005

Prince, he likes the salty snacks.

The other day, Toni Toni Toni and I were driving around, when we got behind a woman in a VW Bug who had the Prince symbol on her rear window.

Toni: Um, lady? Prince goes by Prince now. He doesn't go by shwooooooop (tracing his symbol in the air) anymore.

This inspired us to put in Prince's greatest hits.

Later we rolled through a Burger King drive thru to get something to drink.

Me: One small Diet Coke, one small Sprite please.

Drive-up lady: Will that be all?

Me: Yes, thank you.

Drive-up lady: Okay, one small Diet Coke, one small Sprite, what size fries?

Me: No fries, thank you.

(Toni's humming along to Purple Rain, the longest song in the world.)

Drive-up lady: Which fries?

Me: NO FRIES, please. Just the drinks.

Drive-up lady: Oh. Okay, second window, please.

Toni: Maybe Prince ordered fries and we just didn't hear him.

Me: 'I only want to see you laughing...small the Purple RAIN..."

(We pull up to the window.)

Drive-up lady: (hands me drinks) Your fries will be up in a second.

Me: HAHA, that's funny! (starts to roll car forward to head out)

Drive-up lady: NO! Your FRIES! Wait!

Me: Are you serious? I DIDN'T ORDER FRIES. Remember?

Drive-up lady: (confused look)

Toni: I'm telling you, it was Prince!

Drive-up lady: (confused look)

Me: There were never fries.

Some dude hands Drive-up lady small bag to give to us.

Drive-up lady to dude: There were never fries.

Toni, leaning over me to face people in window: "Purple Rain, people. PURPLE RAIN."

And then we about peeled out.