Tuesday, May 10, 2005

T celebrates the last days of singleness

The party was awesome! That's all I can really say when people ask me.

T came over TWO HOURS EARLY. You know what that means, right?

T: Let's open some wine.

Me: Um, people aren't coming for TWO HOURS.

T: We'll SIP!

Me: Right. Because we totally have to pace ourselves.

T: Agreed!

*clink of glasses*

7:00 people are showing up, we are laying on the family room floor watching a taped episode of South Park, rolling empty bottle of wine between us. Romantic!

Before we left for dinner, I placed a cute little tiara with a wee veil in the back on T's head. This? Was a GOLD PASS TO FREE EVERYTHING.

AT dinner we had no less than eight guys send over free drinks to Miss T. Which she quickly slid over to other people because we had pitchers of margaritas that just kept coming, and coming, and coming.

I had asked our waiter to embarrass the shit out of T, but the only song they knew how to do at Octave Level 20 was some birthday song. Which was hilarious and also scared the shit out of her, and there was much laughing in the entire restaurant. Why? Because at the end, T stood up and yelled, "I'm getting MARRIED, bitches!"

Are you sensing why she's my best friend?

Adventure continues later today....