Friday, May 06, 2005

She's a LADY.

Clients aren't going to ask me for lunch meetings anymore.

On Wednesday I was having Chinese food with one, was preparing to take my first sip of hot and sour soup (love!), and he said something funny at that exact moment, causing me to slurp-cough-SPIT soup in his direction. Classy!

Yesterday it was Persian food, and after a lovely LOVELY meal, I noticed as I got out into the parking lot that I had SAFFRON all over my WHITE shirt in the BOOBIES AREA. Needless to say, my boobs was WANTING some of my rainbow trout. They'll try ANYTHING!

Tonight! Is Queen Bee T's bachelorette-how-I-hate-that-fucking-word party! Seventeen ladies. Pacific coast? You've been WARNED.