Friday, July 15, 2005

Ice Cream

Driving around today, I got stuck behind a red Toyota that was driving at least 25 in a 45 mile zone. Frustrated, I waited until I could pass him on his left, and as I passed and went to shoot the "what the hell" look, I saw the driver hunched over his steering wheel devouring an ice cream cone, no making love to an ice cream cone. It was a strange sight to see. Yes, it was a crazy hot day, and ice cream is a great treat for such misery, but good God man, show some self control.

I got to a light, and soon enough Ice Cream Violator finally made his way next to me. When I turned to look again, he was lurched over his steering wheel with his palm flat on his forehead and his face in a painful twist. Ice cream headache.

Yes, I laughed.