Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Closed doors.

I have a stranger in my master bedroom/bathroom. He's in there with the door closed. He's in there re-tiling the floor of my shower, but he's totally freaking me out with the door closed.

He said it would be best if he closed the bedroom door because the fumes are pretty wicked (I don't have a door on the bathroom, except the separate Toilet Room), and I'm really trying not to be a Paranoid Patty.

Is he laying on my bed watching All My Children?

Is he going through my drawers?

Is he standing in my walk-in closet under the soft glow of the light, going through my clothes?

Is he tweazing his eyebrows?

Did he take a sip of the leftover wine in the glass on my nightstand?

Where did he get those big diamonds in his ears? The last job he did?

Okay, no, he just came out and there is indeed new tile on the shower floor. And he's super nice, which made me feel stupid for thinking he'd be doing Lord knows what in my bedroom.

I'm still checking my shit, though.