Monday, December 12, 2005

I live like a slob, apparently.

A little over year ago I was at the end of my rope with my cleaning lady.

I have a new one now.

And she's driving me CRAZY.

Every single task she does, I hear "UGH! UHHHH! MMMMPHHHH!" like she's being tortured by cleaning my house.

My house is not a pig stye! It's actually quite neat! She's getting paid THREE TIMES MORE than my previous lady. It's HER JOB. And yet, she is making me a bumbly ball of guilt ridden apologies..."Oh, I'm sorry there's dust there!" "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't put the remote away!" "I'm sorry my kitchen cabinet is tall and you have to stand on your toes for a second!"

God forbid I step out of my office for a second to get a drink. I then get the rundown of everything she's had to do.

"You had a (takes deep breath) pen on the kitchen counter. I put it...." (motions for me to follow her)" (opens a drawer) Uh, okay!