Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things I Don't Understand - Part 2

Things My Dog Will Bark At:

1. Air.

2. A breeze. Then it is REALLY ON, BUB!

3. Someone walking by the house, minding their own bees wax.

4. Someone thinking about walking by the house, and yet still minding their own bees wax.

5. A weed.

6. Randy Jackson on American Idol. Maybe it's the dog pound references?

Things My Dog Will Not Bark At:

1. Me yelling "Oh SHIT!" out front.

2. A huge cat versus birds fight on my front lawn.

3. Someone actually walking up to my house, not minding their own bees wax. Unless they are carrying lawn maintenance gear.

4. Paula Abdul. Although, we are both pretty disappointed that she isn't batshit crazy this season.

5. A freaking thunderstorm that makes me hide under the covers. He's all, "meh".