Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm busy looking for plates! GEEZ.

One of my very bad habits is to surf the net while simultaneously conference calling it up. Usually I only do this if I don't have much to contribute to the call. Sometimes I'm the chick on the line who just sits there and is the yes-girl. That was today.

I was half-listening, mumbling affirmatives when I felt they were required, and surfing the web looking for some turquoise salad-sized plates to hang up on a decorative plate holder thingy-ma-jig in my dining room, when I realize the call had gone quiet. And that I was so into my shopping, that I didn't even know HOW LONG it had been quiet.

"Hello?" I asked tentatively.

Nothing. I figured the call had ENDED and I didn't even know it, so I shouted aloud to myself, "aw fuck!" before reaching out to flip my open cell phone (which I had on speaker) closed.

That's when I heard muffled laughter.

"So yes, we're waiting on your update," said the foreman of the call just as I picked up my phone.

Lots more muffled laughter.

I really need to start pulling my shit together during conference calls.

P.S.: I got these.