Thursday, April 15, 2004

This and That

I'm going to take the lazy way of writing an entry and do some snippets. Who doesn't love a good snippet? Oh YEAH. Like THAT. SNIPPET!

1. Today I go sign my tax papers. When my accountant faxed them over to review, I shed baby crocodile tears because I made LESS this year. Why? Because I am LAZY, which will NOT BE THE CASE this year. Damn shiny objects always distracting me.

2. Did anyone see the Good Times sketch on SNL last weekend? Keenan in the pink pant suit "Yes, I'm Florida Evans"...and his "Damn...damn...DAMN" (with shaky hand) FLOORED ME. I've already burned it on to DVD for 5 people. That was good stuff right there. You know what made me shed more baby crocodile tears? The fact that teenagers who may have been watching that, didn't realize it was a SPOOF of a television show. They probably thought SNL made up the whole thing. I'm so damn old.

3. Want to irritate the SNOT out of me? Tell me this: "I can't come to the meeting because my husband can't BABYSIT my son." Um, hello? It's not called "babysitting", it's called RAISING YOUR DAMN CHILD. And how sad is it that she said "my son" instead of "our son"? AHHHHHH.

4. Tomorrow night I am taking dinner to a former client of mine who is watching her husband slowly pass away. How fucking awful is that?

5. Tonight I am having EIGHT people over to watch the Apprentice finale. I have never been so excited to watch something that I would actually throw a damn party for. It's gonna be good, though.

6. Haiku Smackdown Goodness is over at Rude Cactus. I so love that we're doing it to pictures now. And how these guys find such great pictures is beyond me. The power of the internet, people.

7. Yesterday I got a letter from my six-year-old niece who is living in Japan. She dictates it to her Mom. These letters are GEMS, I tell you. When she grows up I'm going to put them into a book for her. In yesterday's she says: "If Eden (her sister) gets potty trained, we're going to get a puppy. I tell her to go go go, and I sit with her to yell if she won't. I didn't get a puppy when I learned."