Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Something weird just happened.  I was sitting here minding my own business visiting Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's site*** (don't judge me!), when I was thinking, "You know...they're a pair of girls I will never understand, but dammit if they aren't fine enterprising young women."

TWO seconds later there was a knock on the door, and two blond girls, who I suspect are not older than 13 asked if I'd like a car wash.  I have a Ford Explorer, not a tiny car, so I asked how much.  Then I asked why they were out and about on a lovely evening washing cars, thinking maybe they're raising money for some sort of sports team, and one girl said, "We're just bored and want some extra cash." 

Go, enterprising young women!

Well, then.  I immediately gave them cash and am now trying not to laugh while they struggle with my super short hose as I sit here with my glass of wine.  AND?  I'm sitting on a bench on my front porch WITH said glass of wine WRITING about them WHILE they are washing my car.  And I haven't gotten spritzed ONCE.  (But holy HELL did I minimize the MK-Ashley window, I don't need them calling the authorities on some drunk lady who has "a thing" for tweens).

Oh, and my horoscope according to Mary-Kate and Ashley?  It's HOT:

"With fire as your astrological element and the sun as your sign’s ruling planet, summer is the time for you to shine, Leo girl! Show your generous side by sharing the spotlight with a friend who isn’t feeling quite as confident as you are. Helping your pal will not only lift her spirits, but will make you feel like an all-around star as well!"

Oh my gosh you guys.  They just finished?  And my car looks AMAZING.

***Okay, Christ on a BIKE.  It's NOT me...Blogger won't let me freaking LINK anything.  I've done it ten million times, EXACTLY the right way, and it just won't do.  This is royally pissing me off.  Is anyone else having this trouble? 

Edited to add:  I didn't just spend twenty minutes giving these ladies business tips (including leaving flyers for people who aren't home and/or taking orders).  And they didn't give me gardening tips:  "You might want to water that."  "My Mom would have a HEART ATTACK if she saw that plant."