Friday, July 02, 2004

Working for the man. WOMAN. Me.

My life this week has been a huge blur of meetings, events, paperwork up the ASS, to-do lists, and an endless list of phone calls to return. If there's ever a fifteen minute period where I don't have the phone to my ear? I feel abnormal. It's exhausting, my friend. I seriously drop into bed at night and when the alarm goes off I'm all, "You are fucking KIDDING ME. I JUST GOT IN BED."

I've decided to call this The Summer Jan Develops An Ulcer. I've been doing all these crazy things to try to avoid it. Like when a stressful situation comes up or a deadline is looming, I talk to myself in my head. Nice, soothing talk. "You'll get it done." "You wanted this." "You do not need to buy a gun." "You can use the 'f' word as soon as you hang up from this call." "Eating lunch in your car is like a picnic!"

Oh and the dreams I'm having? Bizarre. Scott Baio made an appearance this week and taught me how to fly a kite. His kite was shaped like Beyonce's head. He's alright, that Charles in Charge.

I'm going to sleep like one crazy fool in September, believe you me. It will be called The Fall in Which Jan Hibernates.

While most of you will get to enjoy your long holiday weekend with your family and friends? I will be working my ass off. Which is pretty hard to do, considering I thought my ass fell off a few weeks ago.

Aww, you're crying for me now. Aren't you sweet. You really are.

I don't know what's sadder - all of my whining? Or the fact that this post makes no sense. NO SENSE.

Is sadder a word? Me not sure. Back to work, chop-chop...