Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wounded from just being me.

I am a mess today. I woke up this morning feeling like I had gotten run over by a very large truck. Or a bus. Or something very big.

Yesterday evening I skinned my knee. Hello, THIRD GRADE.

I was rushing around trying to find my mail key, and could not find it ANYWHERE. Which is pretty amusing, because my mail key is the lone key on a keyring with a huge plastic pig that you squeeze and fake shit comes out of it's ass. It's a hit with the neighbor kids, and also very classy. And also really hard to lose.

I was getting very frustrated, and decided to look in my car to see if I had left it there. As I stepped out onto my driveway, a neighbor from down the road was driving by, and decided that moment would be the first time in something like eight years to wave hello to me. I waved, turned to walk behind my car, one flip-flop went one way and my foot that was in it went the other, and I was down. On the ground. On my knee, and clutching for my car to brace my fall. Which it did not do.

Of course I had to act like it was no big deal, in case others were watching, which I have no idea because there was no way in hell I was going to verify this. I had to be cool, and just rummage through my car when in fact my knee was throbbing, as well as my right arm from grabbing for the car.

No key, I came back inside, sat on my livingroom floor, and cried. Because it was just too much on a already frantic day. I pulled up my pantleg to find a very angry, red, scraped knee.

So this morning I woke up to sore knee, sore leg that has stiffened up from the injury, sore right arm and shoulder (I must have REALLY flailed while going down), I already had some sort of mystery bruise on my right arm near my elbow, and also somewhere during the night I woke up having been sleeping for God knows how long with my left arm all twisted and smarting pretty badly for which today it is super sore.

I curse my mail key! Which, by the way, was in with my silverware. WHY? I curse my flip flops! Which are adorable brown leather flip flops, yet UNRELIABLE. I curse my neighbor for breaking the norm and waving to me! How dare she. I curse my bed! And my mystery bruise, too! Good God.

Won't I look saucy in summer dresses for the next few weeks.

In other non-cursing news: New Bold & Bloglicious episode: What What?

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