Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This afternoon I stopped off at Linens 'n Things, and outside by the entrance was a lady seated on the ground who I just knew was going to ask me for money.

"Hey you got change or a dollar so I can get some food?"

I gave her four quarters. She said "alright" and tossed them into her paper cup.

On my way out (about twenty minutes later), she looked at me again and said, "Hey you got change or a dollar so I can get some food?"

I smiled and said, "I already gave you some, hon."

"Oh THAT'S RIGHT!" she laughed.

And this is what I heard her YELLING as I walked to my car:

"Damn, my life is nothing but RE-RUNS! Over and over again, same thing same thing SAME THING. I need to change the fucking station already! What the hell? She GAVE ME SOME CHANGE!"

Oh man. I should have just given her some more quarters.

In other news, I'm sipping a delightful glass of pinot noir. Welcome, red wines! For I am a dainty flower who doesn't usually let anything other than chardonnay pass her delicate lips from April - October. It's not even mid-October, and I'm totally breaking my own rules (it was 90 today....NINETY), but I have to say I'm enjoying it. Hi, red wines, HI!

Also? I had an unusual WORK experience this evening. I had a meeting with this dude who called me up out of the blue and was EXCITED to do an event with me - couldn't wait to meet up with me, had seen my conference I did in July, could he book me NOW NOW NOW?!

So, we signed all the proper papers via fax, scheduled first planning meeting for today, made confirmation call over weekend for today's appointment....and when I showed up....

....he acted like I had asked him to please take a crap in my presence. He couldn't even REMOTELY show enthusiasm.

I wanted to go outside so badly and check the address again. Surely, this couldn't be the same dude.

He SAID all the right things, but with not one iota of interest....like I was FORCING him to have an event, and he was BEGRUDGINGLY going to cooperate.

He did write a big fat check though.

I just don't get it. That's never happened to me before.

Oh well, it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.