Monday, September 27, 2004

Who does it belong to?

My almost four-year-old niece is spending the day with me here at my home office. Sadly, I had to do a bit of work for the first half of the day, but I'm going to take her out for a romp-filled afternoon in just a few minutes.

This morning I had to make some phone calls, so I set her up at a table in my office with some stickers to color.

During one of my phone calls she came up to me and quietly said, "I made you this sticker", and then proceeded to slap it onto my left breast. I was talking to my client and didn't look at the sticker. I heard her say, "It says....I love you!"

I smiled at her and mouthed the words, "Thank you. I love you, too." She smiled proudly and went back to coloring.

About an hour later while on the phone with yet another client, I remembered the sticker on my boob, and looked down at it.

It read, "Property of".

I had to do everything I could not to crack up right then and there on my call.

Property of.

I'm a marked woman.