Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I will always be a kid.

I hosted a barbecue on Sunday, and it was pointed out by my family that while I may be 35 now, I will always be a kid.

The adults sat around and discussed everything from mortgage loan rates to politics. I sat on my office floor with my teenage nephews and let them put in CD after CD of their favorite music - some of mine, and some that they brought in from the car. (Also, how funny is it that Van Halen and AC/DC are still popular with The Kids of Today? They didn't get that this was all music I listened to when I was their age.)

As we sat there trying to talk above the room-shaking volume, I thought about how my sister and I used to be the ones hiding in a spare bedroom with my young cousins at events like this. A part of me had always wanted to be in with the adults, joining in on their conversations. But whenever I was actually in the proximity of their conversations? I'd be bored out of my mind.

Sidetracking here...but one "game" my sister and I used to play was "Spy", which involved placing a tape recorder somewhere in the room the adults were in. We'd leave it in there for twenty minutes or so, and then sneak it back into our bedroom to play it back. We were always hoping for gems like, "JAN is CLEARLY the smartest child in her entire school", or possibly a confession as to what we would be getting as gifts for Christmas. But no. It was always boring stuff like "what happened at work today", or who was having a great sale on draperies.

During dessert, I sat in the corner of the dining room with my nephews, and we joked around and laughed so hard we nearly had ice cream coming out of our noses. First, the boys got in trouble for being so rowdy. And then I got in trouble for encouraging them. And then again for INSTIGATING.

How is it that the other adults there didn't remember what it was like to be a kid at an all adult event? And how BORING it was, if it weren't for the other kids. Or an aunt with a kick-ass CD collection. Why was it just me who remembers this?

Silly adults.