Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Blog THIS!

So, I was making the most of the "random blog" feature up at the top of the page this morning.

I'd like to share with you some quotes from random blogs that I found to be either funny, and/or odd:

"Whenever my lover loses weight, I feel like a farmer whose crops are dwindling in the fields."

"These bountiful patties were kneaded to perfection and yearned to ride the grill. After we savoured these 'explosions of flavour,' we drank."

"test test test. i love Jesus."

"One girl arrived to the meeting 15 minutes late, wearing a bright yellow tube top, blond hair in a ponytail, complete with her big dog on a leash, and proceeded to sit in the front row, all eyes on her. I'm pretty sure this girl thinks she is Cameron Diaz."


"I can't believe my urine is not yet neon pink, that I am still absorbing all of these wonderful nutrients, considering all of the borscht I've consumed over the last three days."

"People go to the gym to increase their tonus mechanism, or to get 'toned up'.

"Like, my cell phone bill that ballooned to $ 250 this month - I don't even know this happened. But turned out I had used more than 1500 minutes!!!"

"and then laura and greg and i listened to willenium in the car home. that cd is beast."

"The squirrel is a symbol of nothing in particular. Yes, it is agile. It is nimble. But it is overlooked. No one knows why the squirrel is often overlooked. No one cares."