Friday, September 03, 2004

Gloves - perfect nighttime attire.

I slept with gloves on my hands last night.

I have recently discovered the nurturing love that is True Blue Spa. I can't get you a direct link to that line of products, but either follow the dizzying scrolling photo of their various collections, or simply click on the link for "our collections".

Anyway, it's some pretty fantastic stuff. I've been using the hand scrub and lotion regularly now for a few weeks, and oh do my hands feel delightful and oh do they look so YOUNG. I had received the 'glove potion No 9' hand cream and gloves as a gift, and thought to myself at the time "yeah right I'm going to sleep with gloves on!" (Not shown in the photo are a pair of white Minnie Mouse gloves).

Last night, bored, I decided to give it a whirl. You lather up with the hand cream and then slip the gloves on and off you go to your beauty sleep.

After laughing at myself for at least a half hour, perfoming "jazz hands" in the mirror (something I specialize in thanks to drill team in 7th grade), and creeping myself out as I went to lay down "I'm going to geeetttt you, SELF!", I thought for sure I'd last maybe a half hour with them on.

It's really rather strange to wear gloves when you're sleeping. For one thing, I kept waking up. HANDS! IN GLOVES! Ahhhh!

Then I kept telling myself to stop being a baby already and just let the stuff do its magic.

But waking up every hour because your hands are HOT and CONFINED? And you're wearing GLOVES TO BED for Christ's sake? Hard on the sleep cycle. This had better be worth it!

Oh and how it is. My hands are so smooth and soft and oh-la-la that I'm sure they rival a newborn's hiney.

You should treat yourself to some of this stuff. It makes ya feel good. Who couldn't use that?

This weekend I'll be busting out the "bringing up the rear" firming lotion. I'm just scared that that may involve cellophane on my ass.