Wednesday, September 22, 2004

She's a funny b-day gal.

I attended a three year old's birthday party last night. Daughter of a very good friend of mine.

She was killing me.

She lead the table in some cheers:

Her: Give me a K!

Us: K!

Her: Give me a L!

Us: L!

Her: Give me a I!

Us: I!

Her: Give me a M!

Us: M!

Her: What does that spell?!!!!

Us: Klim!!!....?????

Her mother was cutting and serving her birthday cake. She made us spell other weird words. But then got distracted.

Her: Give me a G!

Us: G!

Her: Give me a B!

Us: B!

Her: Give me CAKE!

I tucked her in for the night. We started this weird game called, "What are you going to do with THIS?". It's a very sophsticated game in which one person makes a funny face or action after exclaiming, "What are you going to do with THIS?" (She came up with the question).

She clearly knows how to play this game better than I do. Her winning moves were:

What are you going to do with THIS? And then smacked me on the butt.

What are you going to do with THIS? And then tooted.

You can't comeback from that.

I cannot explain how tired I am. I'm more tireder than all the tired in the world. Worldeder.