Monday, October 04, 2004

You won't like me after this one.

I'm in a weird mood right now. Read: bitchy. Double-read: HIGH MAINTENANCE.

I'm having a glass of wine, and good GOD do I need it.

See, I'm working on an event that is bigger than Mr. Trump right now (way past my bedtime even!), and I've got a bunch of wonder-loos backing me up. I'm seriously about to cry over here. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE. And we're e-mailing in one vicious circle right now, and one of them doesn't know how to do AN ATTACHMENT and I think I'm going to quit and just drive one of those trucks that follows trailers hauling mobile homes with the signs "Wide load". Because that would be easier, yes? YES!

Here's some randomness while I wait for Twinkie to finish reading "Sending Attachments for Dummies".

My Mom sent me an e-mail tonight. Nothing new, although after having AOL for about five years, I think she just realized she could create her own "stationery", and she just sent me a note with a TEAL background, and PINK seriously demented Gangstah print. You know what I'm talking about - the Old(e) Fashioned Calligraphy stuff. Which I couldn't read. Either she was requesting a kidney, or she was passing on a recipe - EITHER/OR.

I got a thank you note in the mail today from my niece who just stayed with me. It was written in her mother's handwriting, so obviously she dictated it. I quote:

Auntie Laur (which she pronounces Lorrrrrrrr)
Thank you for the nice time. I liked working in your office. The stickers were fun. I liked the cereal, and the good night story. I'm sorry about the poop. Say hi to Dylan (my dog) for me. See you soon!

Yes, one story I didn't relay about her stay, was the discovery of the tiniest poop I've ever seen about four inches away from the toilet. I'll spare you the details.

I think her note would have been nicer in pink gangstah print and teal paper. I'm JUST SAYING.

Okay, we got the problem solved, so I've got to do a little more work before I can turn in.

I'm sorry about the poop, you guys.