Friday, November 24, 2006

Cooking, yeah.

The few of us who took over my kitchen Thanksgiving Day to cook turned it into one of the funniest and funnest (oh yeah) experiences of my life. While we blared Guns 'N Roses ("This ain't your Mama's kitchen!"), we peeled, chopped, stirred, washed our hands a thousand times, and laughed.

Each person got a few minutes to host their own cooking show, even though some people's turns landed at times when they weren't actually cooking, but doing some sort of task. My favorite was the one who was just walking around with a sponge and wiping up crumbs and splats. It actually made for a good show.

For the second year in a row I made this stuffing. And for the second year in a row I thought it would be a breeze and only take a little while. Giada says the prep time is "20 minutes". For me, it was closer to THREE HOURS as I had to chop and chop and chop, marvel at the other cooks, and lay down once because my arm was tired from the chopping. I would never survive as a chef. Which is why my show was called The Exasperated Chef and my show theme song was "Welcome to the Jungle" (You're gonna DIEEEE-UHHH)

Regardless, a meal was made, I'm still full, and I've been nothing but a bum today. To which, I will now return to my bumming.