Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting ready.

I was at Costco earlier, picking up a couple things, and watching people as they hurriedly stuck Thanksgiving related items into their shopping cart. Cruising down the wine aisle, I paused to pretend like I was mulling over which wine I was going to get, when really I just took a minute to observe those around me.

The older man in the wheel chair who was telling his grandson, "Of COURSE we can get apple pie. Of course, get apple!"

The woman who was clinging to her shopping list and looking over the desserts somewhat frantically. Looking over miles and miles of pumpkin pies before picking out the PERFECT one. (Which was funny because I had just been there and picked the first one closest to me with my only thought being: PUMPKIN PIE!)

The older man who strode past me, no shopping cart, simply stopping for a second to pick up a bottle of champagne.

And it was then that I remembered, we're all in this together. We're all doing the same thing. And that's sorta neat.

I imagined that man, in his smart pants and cardigan sweater, was proud of himself for stopping off to pick out a nice bottle of champagne to take to company, and it made me smile.