Monday, December 04, 2006

My mama always said I was a winner. And you can be one, too!

I done and gone won in the NaBloPoMo contest. Weee. This is more exciting than the time I won tickets to see New Edition in concert. When I was 12. Which is about the last time I won something (that was like 1981 for those playing at home). So again, weeeee.

Evidently I won the "Best Celebrity-oriented post" for my whacky dream starring Huey Lewis and Prince Charles. Hey, your peanut butter is in my chocolate! (sorry, 1981 calling again)

The prize is a celebrity tabloid scrapbook, given by the Agent of Distraction herself, Nina.

Whilst I am honored, and tickled, I'd like to give that prize on to someone else if she doesn't mind too much.

So, I propose this. The hardest part of blogging every day for 30 days straight were the damn Brady Daily Pics. I'd like to see what everyone else is working with.

The deal is this: I will post a Brady pic, and if you've got a caption for it, send it in. My favorite one will win Nina's awesome celebrity tabloid scrapbook.

E-mail your caption to: newjanb at hot mail dot com.

Contest ends Thursday night, winner to be announced Friday.

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If you can't tell, it's a young tart Alice.