Monday, November 27, 2006

It's fake, and it's spectacular!

I used to be a big poo-pooer of artifical Christmas trees. WHY would someone buy a FAKE tree? That's insane! AND LAME.

Until I broke down and bought one last year: And in a word, love. This year it took 5 minutes to pull the perfectly pre-lit tree out of it's box, poof it up a bit and instant perfect tree. No fighting crowds, no lugging it on top of my car, no watering it, no cleaning up pine needles for a month...just perfect smiley tree.

One might ask, "but what about the fresh pine scent?". To which I say, pinecones, baby! My house smells awesome.

I'm a sucker for twinkly white lights. Not the ones that blink...I guess technically that's twinkly, but soft little white lights. I've put them everywhere this year, I'm afraid.

I've gotten rather picky about my decorating. Reds and browns in the kitchen and den, greens and creams in the living room. It's all very delicious. No cute figurines! No crafty crafts! No snow globes! Just delicate touches and lots of white lights.

...aaaand, I just bored myself.