Monday, December 11, 2006

Special thanks to...

...the waitress who spilled a soft drink down my lap after she asked me if she could get me anything else. Um, how about a napkin? Can I borrow your skirt, for the meeting I have in like two minutes?

...the cast of Scrubs for making this video. Especially Turk, you really cracked me up. Internet connection for being a little bitch today.

...the band U2, thank you for waiting about 17 years before I finally came around and suddenly became obsessed with your music. You guys are really patient. for keeping me company as I type and type and type and file and file and file. Today's one of those office days that makes me happy to have you around. Especially since you sorta sucked ass on my Depeche Mode channel (I saw you try to sneak in Britney), as well as my Enya one for those quiet times - yet you've come through like crazy on my U2 channel and me thanks you for the random sneak-ins of Bruce Springsteen and Led Zepplin. You're good folks.

...Bitter Betty for entering and winning my silly little Brady pic contest (and shhh, let's not tell her she was THE ONLY ONE WHO DID - this is why I suck at the whole "Internet Community" thing - I have no idea what the kids these days find entertaining/amusing).

Anyway, she managed to make young tart Alice turn all bitchy, and for that I'm thankful:

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"I can't believe Florence Henderson was cast as the wife. I hate that bitch."