Monday, November 15, 2004

Rounding the corner

I'm doing better. Not as much hacking. Or scowling.

I was a little social butterfly this weekend, even with my cold. For I am a TROOPER.

Friday afternoon I went BOWLING with some girlfriends. If that doesn't say, "F-U, COLD!", I don't really know what does. Or maybe it says, "You went BOWLING? You really AREN'T feeling better! You're delirious!"

The place went all old school - you remember at the skating rink how they used to turn off all the lights except for like black lights, lasers, and that spin ball thing that would spin those little eye shaped disco lights all over the place? "Slow skate!" Yeah, it was like that. And all the balls glowed in the dark. That was a funny sentence. You could barely see, but it was fun! First game, I got two strikes in a ROW, baby! Uh huh, how do you like me now? On the score computer screen we gave each other ridiculous names. Mine was Hootchie Mama. Which was fun everytime it came up all huge on the screen. I don't think the Mom with the twin four-year-olds in the lane next to us thought it was funny. But it was tamer than Pussie Snuffinstuff. Which I'm still mad I hadn't thought of. Damn Kathryn.

We played two games, and drank beers and sang along to Guns 'n Roses. That's what you do, I guess.

After that we went to a fancy-schmancy dinner. Where two other girlfriends joined us. When we sat down at our table, drinks already in hand thanks to the friendly bartender who liquored us up while we waited, our waiter looked at us and said, "Okay, eight lovely ladies, drinks in hand already...I'm in trouble." Okay, when people say things like that? I don't know if it's cute, or if the dude is trying to placate eight ladies who may be a little on the older side. Hit them with the flattery, knowing they have the wallets to support bigger tips than the twenty-one year olds at the table next to us. Either way, we had a really great time. And nobody fell and couldn't get up.

Saturday I did a little shopping on my lonesome, and then drove out to a friend's housewarming. Which was way further away than I thought it was going to be. Yet fun, nevertheless.

Sunday morning I had brunch with a couple other friends. Eggs florentine, indeed.

Oh, and if you heard trumpets on Saturday? It's because Flipper has arrived. You know what I'm talking about.