Friday, October 29, 2004


I'm kind of dorking around today. This weekend is going to be nuts, so I'm taking it slow.

I've been listening to Missy Elliott this morning. It's kinda fun to be singing, "Pussy don't fail me now!" all super loud and then pausing it to answer a client's call. "Hello, Ms. Professional here, thank you!"

I'm doing THREE Halloween events, kids. One tonight (100+ attending), one tomorrow afternoon (for KIDS), and one tomorrow night. Which means yours truly is missing out on some parties thrown by friends. Cry for me.

That brings me to Halloween FUN SIZE candy. Is it too much to ask that it don't CRUMBLE all over the fucking place with one bite? I swear I look like I'm all retarded over here. My friend Stacey came by to drop something off this morning and said, "You've got...uh...Butterfinger center?...on your boob."

That girl knows her candy.

Have a fun Halloween weekend. Don't t.p. my house while I'm out Saturday. My brother's a COP. YOUR ASS WILL BE GRASS.

Carve your own pumpkin.